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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Guests with PAWS PEST AWAYS  Rodent Control Services!

Discovering unwanted rodents scurrying around your property? Fear not! PAWS PEST AWAYS is here to provide you with effective and comprehensive Rodent Control Services, ensuring your space remains rodent-free and comfortable.

Why Safeguard Your Space from Rodents?

Customized Treatments for Every Space:

Based on our extensive assessments, we craft specialized treatments for each sector. From employing advanced trapping techniques and targeted poisoning to using non-toxic repellents, our approach is precise and effective. We focus on sealing entry points and implementing comprehensive rodent-proofing measures, ensuring long-term protection.

Identification Across Sectors:

Our experts conduct thorough inspections tailored to specific sectors, identifying vulnerable points of entry and potential infestation sites. We meticulously assess commercial kitchens, warehouse spaces, industrial machinery areas, educational facilities, healthcare zones, and public gathering spots.

The Universal Threat of Rodents:

Rodents don’t discriminate; they infiltrate commercial spaces, industrial complexes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and public areas. Their presence brings forth health risks, property damage, and potential business disruptions. Ensuring a rodent-free environment is not just a matter of cleanliness but also a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and hygienic space.

Effective Rodent Management for Every Sector

Rodents, the notorious infiltrators, pose threats that extend beyond residential spaces. From commercial establishments to industrial facilities and public sectors, these pests can wreak havoc on various levels. Understanding the need for a comprehensive approach, we offer tailored rodent management solutions across all sectors.

How Do We Combat Rodents at PESTAWAYS

At PESTAWAYS, our rodent control strategy revolves around the 3 D principles: Deny entry, Deny food, and Deny shelter. We implement an integrated pest management approach, encompassing environmental sanitation, rodent proofing, trapping, and targeted poisoning.



First, we meticulously inspect your property, seeking out telltale signs of infestation such as droppings near food containers, kitchen corners, inside cabinets, or under sinks. We identify and seal entry points, ensuring rodents are barred from entering.

Our process involves:

Why Choose PAWs for Rodent Management?

Sector-Specific Expertise:

Our teams are equipped with sector-specific knowledge, ensuring tailored solutions that address unique challenges.

Efficiency and Safety:

Experience swift, efficient, and safe treatments without disruptions to your operations or public spaces.

Eco-Friendly Solutions:

We deploy WHO-approved, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic products, eliminating pests while prioritizing the environment.

Comprehensive Service:

Our post-treatment surface wipe-down ensures cleanliness, promoting a hygienic environment in every sector.

The PESTAWAYS Advantage: Expertise, Precision, and Prevention

Our methodology transcends residential spaces, incorporating various sectors into our meticulous approach:

We pinpoint vulnerabilities and potential infestation sites across sectors, understanding the unique challenges each space presents.

We customize treatments, deploying the right techniques and products tailored to the sector’s requirements.

By sealing entry points and implementing expert preventive measures, we ensure long-lasting protection across sectors.

Experience the Transformation!!

Ready to revel in a pest-free haven? Here’s how:

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